2016 Finalists


The Jury

Mohamed Jaidah

Mohamed Jaidah (@mojaidah) Firefly Communications Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (CEO). Mohamed Jaidah has a degree in International Management from the prestigious French business school ESSEC and hails from the Jaidah family, who are well known for their many business ventures in Qatar. When he returned from university in 2004, Mohamed joined the Jaidah Group, where he is now Group Executive Director and sits on the Board of Directors.

Marianne Hope

Marianne Hope (@mariannehope), founder and manager of SeeMyCity is originally from Norway, but lives and works in the Netherlands. Besides running SeeMyCity, she also works as a freelance family and Lifestyle photographer as well as teaching both photography and iPhoneography classes.

Dirk Bakker

Dirk Bakker (@macenzo) is a (mobile) photographer and SeeMyCity member from Amsterdam with a unique eye for architecture, patterns, textures, lines and shadow play. Dirk has a background in graphic design, something that is recognizable in his work and he uses his iPhone 5S for his work for SeeMyCity.

Jeroen Moor

Jeroen Moor (@charlietash) is an iPhoneographer and freelance photographer from Rotterdam, Holland. He has a background in multimedia design and works for his own Music Production Company as well as for SeeMyCity.

Nashira Abdul Hameed

Nashira Abdul Hameed (@nashplateful) is an artist; food blog writer, stylist and photographer; living and working in Doha for the past 16 years. In December 2010, she started a recipe blog, Plateful, and created a niche in the food blogging world with her passion for capturing beautiful food in natural light. Originally from India, she has lived most of her life in Abu Dhabi, and now in Doha. Nashira holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature, and currently works in Research and Development at Qatar Foundation. She is the moderator of the SeeMyDoha account.